When is Annexation?

The Annexation Process & Timeline

Annexation Timeline Graphic Final-01

Map Plan

The annexation process is a long one, with a cycle opening every six years. In 2018, the City of Manchester submitted a “map plan,” outlining the area of potential annexation, to the St. Louis County Boundary Commission. The area was thoughtfully considered and selected based on natural boundaries, community connections, and how the area complimented Manchester’s existing footprint. The City’s map plan was accepted by the Boundary Commission in 2019.

Fiscal Feasibility

With the potential area of annexation identified, the City of Manchester underwent an in-depth financial feasibility study to ensure that annexation makes financial sense. The study confirmed that if annexation is successful, the City of Manchester will be able to provide the same excellent services to its new neighbors as it has to the longtime residents in Manchester.

Listening Tour & Plan of Intent

We want to hear from you! Over the past several months, Manchester has met with Homeowners Associations and interested residents in the annexation area to both share our community’s story, but more importantly, listen to thoughts and feedback. Your questions and ideas have helped us to strengthen many details in our “Plan of Intent” (POI), or the plan that explains how our communities would come together. The City of Manchester is continuing the conversation by holding multiple community meetings where we will further explain annexation and gather community feedback. Please see the times on the back cover. We hope to see you there!

Boundary Commission

The St. Louis Boundary Commission is the regulatory body that reviews the “Plan of Intent” and decides if Manchester’s annexation invitation will come to a vote of the people. The Boundary Commission’s role is to review the logistics and technical details in the POI. They also are tasked with listening to the perspectives of the public through a public hearing and online commentary. After up to nine months of deliberation, the Boundary Commission will decide if the annexation question will be posed to voters in both the area of annexation and the current City of Manchester.


You are the ultimate deciders! If the St. Louis Boundary Commission approves it for a vote, the annexation question will be included on the ballot in the April 2023 Municipal Election.  In order for our communities to join together, the annexation question needs to pass by a simple majority in both the area of annexation and the City of Manchester.