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Welcome to the Manchester Police Department's website! We are proud to be the 44 members of this fine police department. We pride ourselves on providing professional service and protection, whether you are a resident, merchant, or visitor.

We invite you to use this website to learn about our department and other city operations. If you are just passing through, we encourage you to stop and visit to shop or dine; you might just wind up staying! We are committed to enhancing the quality of life in our neighborhoods, and to fostering solid partnerships with you. Please call or write if we can assist you in any way; view police contact information in the staff directory.

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The Manchester Police Department provides 24 hour a day police services to the city. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Answering calls for service
  • Auto accident investigation
  • Crime prevention,
  • Enforcement of laws
  • Protection of property within the city limits
  • Traffic enforcement


The Chief of Police manages the overall activities of the department, including:

  • Budget oversight
  • Departmental human resources management
  • Planning and development
  • Police development
  • Public information duties


The Manchester Police Department has 38 commissioned officers. Supervision of the department consists of the Chief, one captain, two lieutenants and seven sergeants. Normally there is a sergeant and four patrol officers on duty assigned to patrol the city at all times.

The department has two School Resource Officers. These are officers that are specifically assigned to Parkway South Senior High School and Parkway Southwest Middle School. One sergeant is assigned as a Community Orientated Policing (COPS) officer. A second sergeant is assigned as an administrative aid responsible for certification standards and operational readiness.

Detective Bureau

The detective bureau consists of four detectives and a sergeant. These are officers that work mainly in plain clothes, and conduct follow-up investigations to initial reports that are taken by uniformed officers.The police department also has a detective assigned to the St. Louis County Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force. This officer is detached from the department for this assignment. The department also has three full-time and two part police clerks.

Building Information

The department operates out of the police headquarters building located at 200 Highlands Boulevard Drive. The building also houses the municipal court and meeting facilities.