2016 Sculpture Loan

Manchester Arts is proud to present two new sculptures installed in our parks as part of the Sculpture Loan program. These sculptures were chosen by a panel of residents, artists, and city employees. They are on loan to the city for the next two years (through September of 2018). Drop by Schroeder Park or Margaret Stoecker Park to see these pieces in person.

Book of Knowledge

  • Steel
  • 71 inches by 29 inches by 21 inches

This sculpture was designed by St. Louis artist Carol Sue Horstman and the fabrication was completed by her husband, Donald Horstman. This talented (and award winning) duo has been creating and exhibiting their work throughout the Midwest for many years. In fact, they met in an art class at Washington University and have been making art ever since. They own Horstman Studio and Sculpture Park in Fenton and Carol is a passionate advocate for female sculptors.

The sculpture, Book of Knowledge, is an interactive artwork that invites visitors to browse through the pages. It came to Carol, fully realized, in a dream and contains short poems and childlike illustrations with a simple message, “if we understand one another and if we love one another, we’ll have a peaceful world.”

This sculpture is located near the pavilion in Margaret Stoecker Park at:
222 Henry Avenue
Manchester, MO 63011

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Carol Sue Horstman Posed Next to Book of Knowledge Sculpture


  • Bronze
  • 84 inches by 48 inches by 30 inches

This sculpture was created by a regional artist named Snail Scott. Aspiration was cast in 28 bronze pieces which were painstakingly welded together. Before coming to Manchester, Aspiration was shown on the St. Louis Community College campus as well in Arizona.

This work explores themes of both human achievement and limitation. Snail is particularly interested in how aviation is an example of incredible human achievement - instead of waiting on higher powers to simply bestow gifts upon humans, they have sought to attain amazing feats. The upper portion of the figure is combined with aviation imagery to illustrate this quality and help the figure feel as if lifting off. The base of the sculpture however, is standing on a spoked wheel, addressing how humans are still limited by so many qualities and anchored in many ways to the rudimentary parts of life.

This sculpture is located near the aquatic center in Schroeder Park at:
359 Old Meramec Station Road
Manchester, MO 63021

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