Electronics/Metal Recycling

During the November 21, 2020 Electronic and Metal Recycling Event residents of St. Louis County whether in the unincorporated or incorporated areas will be allowed to recycle up to one (1) TV or one (1) CRT computer monitor, or a combination thereof, free of charge while funding is available. This is possible thanks to the 2020 Waste Reduction Grant funding awarded to Manchester from the St. Louis County Department of Public Health. Additional TV and computer monitors over the limit of two can be recycled for a fee. 

During this event, staff members will be wearing PPE and social distancing practices will be used. Participants should stay in their vehicles while we unload their items. 

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Where: Paul A. Schroeder Park, 359 Old Meramec Station Road, Manchester MO 63021
When:  Third Saturday of each odd-numbered month, 8 A.M. to 11 A.M.                               

Program Notes

  • The City of Manchester provides a site for MRC to conduct a collection event.  MRC sets the guidelines and fees and provides the collection service. Questions concerning the program should be directed to MRC at 636-223-0150.
  • A collection event may be canceled if snow, icy, or severe weather conditions are present or forecasted or if a conflict occurs with a Schroeder Park activity.  Information about a cancellation will be posted on the City’s website, www.manchestermo.gov, as soon as it is available.  Canceled events will not be re-scheduled with collection resuming with the next regularly scheduled event.
  • Qualifying items will only be accepted at the Schroeder Park drop off site during the established time period.  Dropping off any items prior to or after a scheduled event time is prohibited.
  • MRC reserves the right to refuse any item for any reason.
  • Participants are to remain in their vehicle and in line.  Items being dropped off will be removed from the vehicle by MRC staff. Participants are not to hand carry an item or items to the drop off point.
  • Payment of noted fees may be made by cash or check only.

MRC accepts a variety of items for recycling including but not limited to:

  • TVs & CRT monitors (MRC has set the following fees regarding TVs and CRT monitors.  Due to ongoing changes in this recycling market, these fees are subject to change with little or no notice)
    • CRT Monitors - $5.00 each
    • CRT TV’s 26” or less - $30.00 each
    • CRT TV’s 27” or greater - $50.00 each
    • Wood Console & True Big Screen/Projection TV’s - $50.00 each
    • LED/LCD/Plasma TV’s - $20.00 each
  • All computer equipment, accessories, and cables.
  • Medical, dental, and laboratory equipment – no biohazards!
  • All telephones, cell phones, PDA’s, digital cameras, and related items.
  • Batteries (except alkaline batteries).
  • All appliances - small and large (freon containing unit fee - $10.00 each).
  • AV equipment, speakers, etc.
  • All scrap metal and metal containing items.
  • Metal office furniture and equipment.
  • Lawn and garden equipment (gas and oil must be drained prior to dropping off)

The following items are not accepted:  CD’s/DVD’s, VHS tapes, hazardous materials, ballasts containing PCB, alkaline batteries, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.