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Liquor License Application Process Satisfaction Survey

  1. The City of Manchester is reviewing provisions within the Code of Ordinances regarding Liquor Licensing. City staff value input from our residents and businesses when we consider changes to our laws and procedures. This survey is meant to gather information about your experiences with the Manchester Liquor License application process. Please take a few moments to help us improve our services for you.
  2. For the following questions, please answer yes or no depending on your interactions with the City.
  3. The process to obtain a liquor license was explained to me.
  4. Did you experience any significant delays while obtaining your liquor license?
  5. Is your business or organization considering hosting any special events in the coming year?
  6. For the following questions, you will be asked to rate the validity of the statement based off your experience with the Liquor License application process.
  7. The Liquor License application is easy to understand.
  8. The application requirements to obtain a license (background check, food and liquor sales verification, other forms) are reasonable.
  9. If I had questions, City staff answered my questions clearly and concisely.
  10. The following questions are intended for staff to learn more about the City's ability to provide customer service based off of your experiences.
  11. Throughout the Liquor License application process, what would you rate the customer service of City staff?
  12. What would you rate your overall experience with the Liquor License application process?
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