Infrastructure Improvement Projects

The City plans continuous infrastructure improvements through various funding methods including the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), the Parks and Stormwater Fund, and through the passing of the $16 million Proposition S Bond issue to fund street and sidewalk repairs in 2016. The City also applies for and receive funding through East-West Gateway Council of Governments to receive federal grants through the the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). This grant funding is used to make improvements and repairs to bridges, larger roads, and sidewalks including ADA upgrades. 

The Capital Improvement Program and the Parks and Stormwater Fund allows the City to budget and plan for continuous improvements of public property and infrastructure. Grants are available for certain types of projects, but they require significant planning and have longer timelines. 

To learn more about ongoing infrastructure projects in the City, navigate through the various categories of projects (bridges, storm water projects, and roadway improvement projects) to the left. Should you have any questions regarding a specific project, please contact our Public Works Department at 636-227-1385 x104.