Annexation Cover Opens in new windowThe City of Manchester is pursuing the annexation of an area of unincorporated Saint Louis County.

The City of Manchester is inviting our neighbors to the east to join the City through annexation. Annexation is a long process, ultimately in the hands of voters living in Manchester and the unincorporated area that the City seeks to annex. While a vote will not take place until at least 2023, we are starting the conversation now - and you’re invited!

The City recently compiled a special edition of the Manchester Message that was mailed to residents within the unincorporated area that we are pursuing to annex. Click on the cover on the right to read a digital version of this Message! 

We believe neighbors in the City of Manchester and the annexation area already enjoy many strong connections. Our lives intersect in meaningful ways on a daily basis through our schools, houses of worship, where we shop, and where we play. Joining the City of Manchester with our neighbors in this adjacent area of unincorporated St. Louis County is a natural and logical next step in strengthening the community and infrastructure we share.

The City of Manchester invests in the high quality of life enjoyed in our area through excellent services, police protection, and a hometown culture that lessens the distance between us. If you are interested in being included on the Manchester Annexation mailing list to receive timely updates on the annexation process, sign up at

Finally, if you would like to accept Manchester’s invitation to be part of our community and are willing to share with others how this invitation would benefit them, sign-up at If you have questions about annexation, please contact Mayor Mike Clement at 314-680-9278 or by email at or City Administrator Justin Klocke at 636-227-1385 x106 or by email at

If you would like to learn more about the City's efforts for annexation, please review the City of Manchester's Plan of Intent that can be found by clicking on the cover of the Plan of Intent below. Additionally, you can also review the City's responses in its reports and letters that were sent to the Boundary Commission in the images below. 

Plan of Intent

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Map of Manchester and Annexation Area