Annexation & Manchester Residents and Businesses

Benefits to existing Manchester residents and businesses. 

We are Neighbors

The nearly 6,500 residents that live north and east of Manchester’s boundaries are our friends, colleagues, and for some, family. Manchester residents and unincorporated residents have much in common. We shop in the same stores. Our children go to the same schools. We worship together in the same houses of worship. In many cases, we are already friends. Unification acknowledges the importance of these bonds. We are neighbors.

Financial Effects

With the addition of nearly 6,500 residents, the City’s tax base would increase. With an increased tax base, the City can examine ways to reduce the tax burden on current Manchester residents. In addition to reducing Manchester resident’s tax burden, the City will need to innovate and grow due to the increase in population. A successful annexation would require Manchester’s Police and Public Works Departments to see a significant expansion in staffing and equipment. Most other departments will grow or expand in some small way. The economies of scale that result from municipal growth will likely reduce the costs to deliver services to the new larger City of Manchester.

Regional Influence

Comprehensive planning, zoning, and development activities will advance in a locally standardized manner, which allows our community to grow and flourish in a way that maintains and improves the high standards and quality of life expectations of our residents and businesses. In other words, development in the neighboring unincorporated area will have input from you and your neighbors if annexation is successful. Furthermore, the increased Manchester population would qualify the City for larger and more exclusive grants from higher levels of government. Funds from those programs would directly affect your streets, sidewalks, neighborhoods, and more.  

New Energy and Ideas

With new residents joining the Manchester community, we benefit from the additional opportunities for citizen involvement and business networking in our community. The City welcomes diverse thought and possibilities and encourages opportunities that provide positive impact on residents, businesses, and other stakeholders. Our neighbors to the east would be part of our City’s future and bring to the table unique skills, gifts, and talents that will make our community stronger and healthy.

Still Have Questions?

You can visit to learn more about Manchester’s efforts for annexation. If you are interested in being included on the Manchester Annexation mailing list to receive timely updates on the annexation process, sign up at Additionally, you are encouraged to reach out to Mayor Mike Clement by email at or by phone at 314-680-9278 or City Administrator Justin Klocke at 636-227-1385 x106 or by email at to discuss annexation and how it affects you.

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