At the March 21st Board of Aldermen meeting, the City of Manchester adopted a new Ordinance regulating solicitation and canvassing in the City of Manchester. This Ordinance enables the City to assist residents in the preservation of their privacy and avoidance of disruption on their property caused by solicitors or canvassers while also protecting an individual’s rights to speak freely, express ideas that may be unpopular, and to engage others in debate without government interference. 


Ordinance No. 22-2347 establishes a process for solicitors and canvassers to apply and receive a license to engage in solicitation activities in the City’s neighborhoods. Furthermore, the Ordinance regulates the hours of solicitation between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. and gives authority to Manchester’s Police Department to enforce the new Solicitation Code’s guidelines and regulations. Most importantly, the Ordinance allows residents to choose if they would like solicitors or canvassers to visit their home or not. If you do not want a solicitor or canvasser to knock on your door, the Ordinance allows residents to post “No Solicitation” signs on their property that all solicitors and canvassers must abide by and will be enforced by Manchester Police. 

Residents are encouraged to ask solicitors if they have a permit from the City of Manchester (not St. Louis County.) If they do not have a permit, please call the Manchester Police Non-emergency Dispatch to have an officer respond: 636-527-9200. 

If you have questions related to the new Ordinance, please contact Manchester’s City Clerk, Michelle Melugin: 636-227-1385 x108, for further assistance or guidance.

Commercial Solicitation License Application

Charitable Solicitation Campaign Permit