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Manchester Emergency Management Program

The Manchester Emergency Management Program is the planned local-government response to the potential for an emergency or disaster. Its' objectives are to insure that significant emergency situations will result in a coordinated response and the orderly and efficient handling of emergency operations; to insure for the continuity of government during the period of the disaster; and to minimize the loss of life, property and for the continuation of emergency and utility services.

Resources & Capabilities

Emergency management attempts to organize and plan for the response of the various resources and capabilities of the community at large. Those resources and capabilities include:

  • Emergency medical services (ambulance and hospitals)
  • Federal government (FEMA)
  • Local governments (emergency services)
  • Public companies (utilities)
  • Social services (The Red Cross and Salvation Army)
  • State government (SEMA)
  • Much more

The community’s resources and capabilities are enhanced through volunteerism and mutual aide agreements.

Regional All-Hazard Mitigation Plan

In 2004, the City of Manchester adopted the Regional All-Hazard Mitigation Plan.The plan, while regional, is also Manchester specific in identifying the various natural disaster threats that face our community. By adopting the plan, our board of alderman has resolved to participate in natural hazard mitigation and to work toward becoming a safer community.

Additional Information

For information concerning Manchester Emergency Management, please contact the City’s Emergency Management Director, Captain Chuck Hunn.