Domestic Violence

Safety Plan

If you are a victim of domestic violence, developing a safety plan is an important step to prepare in advance for the possibility of further violence. The safety plan addresses the following situations that you may encounter in an abusive relationship, and steps to take to keep yourself and your children safe:

  • Items to take when leaving
  • Safety and your own emotional health
  • Safety during violent incidents
  • Safety in your own residence
  • Safety on the job and in public
  • Safety when preparing to leave the residence and / or relationship
  • Safety with an Order of Protection

Domestic Violence Liaison Officer

Detective Ron Braddy of the Manchester Police Department is the Domestic Violence Liaison Officer. His duties include:

  • Aiding domestic violence victims obtain restraining orders
  • Assisting in the arrest of offenders
  • Assisting victims coordinate with other agencies

Additional Information

Detective Braddy’s role is to establish and maintain a working relationship with the community, which will hopefully enhance domestic reporting. He can be reached at 636-207-2813. Of course, if you are in immediate need of police service, call 911.