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Specialized Services

"D.A.R.E." Drug Abuse Resistance Education

Officers are trained to provide classroom instruction on the avoidance of drugs and alcohol. The training is offered to students at schools within the city.

Child Identification

Officers provide child fingerprinting, photographing and/or video taping. This service is designed to help parents, relatives, educators, and law enforcement personnel identify youth and to serve as a significant deterrent to child abduction. This service is available at the station, Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Off hour appointments are available. Please contact the department for an appointment.

Home/Business Security Audits

Officers review homes and businesses and offer safety and security suggestions. If you are interested in having a security audit please contact the department for an appointment.

Speakers Bureau

Officers provide lectures on law enforcement topics; e.g., self defense, security issues, etc. to local groups or organizations upon request.

Neighborhood Watch

Residents are given specialized training in their neighborhoods by police officers on how to identify and reduce crime in their area. If you are interested in organizing a neighborhood watch please contact the department.

Vacation Checks

Officers check the homes of residents who advise that they will be away from their home on vacation. If you are planning a trip and would like the officers to check your home please contact the department by phone at 636-227-1410.

School Visit/Safety Program

Uniformed officers or detectives will make appearances at schools in the city to offer safety training on a wide variety of topics.


Teddy bears are carried in patrol cars to give to children during stressful situations such as auto accidents, to help children feel more at ease.

Self Protection

Trained officers offer self protection tips to small groups of the business or residential community upon request.

Are You Okay? Program

This program offers residents who are either disabled senior citizens or who may face medical emergencies, a automated phone call from the Dispatch Center thereby checking on the well being of the participant on a daily basis. This can provide the resident with special concerns, a feeling of well being and additional peace of mind at no cost. Please contact the department for additional information.