Trash Collection

  • Residents are allowed two (2) bulk pick up items per week, which must be scheduled in advance with Republic Services.
    • Examples: BBQ grill, bicycle, box spring/mattress, furniture, etc. Contact Republic with questions regarding acceptable bulk pick up items.
  • Bulk pick ups should not weigh more than 150lbs combined. 
  • Appliance pick ups are subject to a fee, which is also scheduled in advance with Republic Services.
  • By law, only non-hazardous household solid waste can be collected. Liquid waste products cannot be collected in a liquid state.
  • Non-hazardous liquids can be mixed with an absorbent such as Kitty Litter, but must be completely dry and with the lid off the container to show the driver that it is dried out.
  • All services are “curbside” which is placed within 4 feet of the traveled portion of the adjoining roadway.
  • Trash with yard waste mixed in cannot be collected.
  • Items over 4 feet high or long must be broken down or cut to 4 feet or less.
  • Loose materials must be containerized or bundled.
  • Trash Containers shall have a capacity of no less than 20 gallons nor more than 32 gallons, nor should weigh more than 60 pounds, so that one man can pick up.
  • Once per week trash service - 7 cans or plastic bags combined maximum
  • If you lease or own a 95-gallon trash cart, this counts as 3 containers towards your combined maximum container pick up.
  • All rubbish (waste that rots and stinks) should be bagged and the bag(s) should be placed in trash cans or trash carts. Republic Services will not be responsible for any garbage spread about when animals or birds rip any such bag(s) open.
  • Rubbish (waste that does not rot and stink) can be placed in plastic bags and set out for collection without having to be in a trash can or trash cart. Please do not overload bags so that they can rip open when picked up.
  • Trash limits will not exceed the commonly produced quantity of a regular household family (7 item limit).
  • Trash cannot be collected in cardboard boxes. All boxes must be broken down and may be recycled.
  • Medically necessary needles (sharps), such as diabetic syringes will only be collected when in approved sharps containers which are available from your syringe supplier or you may use a puncture-proof container with a tightly closed lid.
  • Tires and Batteries will not be collected at all.

Additional Information

This list is not all-inclusive. Please contact Republic Services Customer Service at 636-947-5959 to inquire about scheduling construction items to be picked up for an additional charge.