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Crime Prevention

Criminals are opportunists. Simply put, if you make it easy for them they will likely take advantage of it. Thinking that it can only happen to someone else, or in some other neighborhood, and taking no precautions, makes for the perfect victim they are looking for.

Below are some simple, basic tips to reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

  • Tips for when you are out in public, at the mall or elsewhere:   
  • Never pull out a wallet with credit cards or cash in front of someone you regard as suspicious.
  • Always carry a cell phone and know how to dial 911.
  • Don’t display an expensive cell phone on the street in a dangerous neighborhood or it could tempt someone to steal it from you. If you need to use your cell phone go into a store or other safe public space.
  • Act confidently like you know where you’re going and don’t talk on your phone or listen to music while walking.
  • Always pay attention to your surroundings. Be Alert. Criminals look for inattentive victims
  • Do not give money to anyone when asked. Say “NO” and continue walking
  • Turn stone rings toward palm side of your hand.
  • If you are robbed, do not resist give up your valuables as quickly as possible.
  • Walk or jog during daylight hours.
  • Keep a whistle on your key chain.
  • In a restaurant keep your purse in your lap or at your feet with the handle under the leg of the chair.
  • At work put your purse or wallet in a drawer.

Tips for around the house:

  • Over 65% of the time a burglar will get into your home through an unlocked door or window so keep all doors and windows locked when you’re not home.
  • Leaving the garage door up is an invitation to a thief. Keep it closed whenever possible.  
  • Make sure your exterior doors are solid wood or metal with deadbolt locks.
  • Burglars typically do not want to enter your home if you are there. Often they will knock on a door to see if someone answering. If they get an answer they will likely claim to have the wrong house and leave. If you get a knock at the door and don’t want to answer yell through the door “WHO IS IT?”. Let them know someone is home.
  • Hitting the panic button on your car will set off an alarm that can scare away someone trying to break into your home.
  • When you are away from home make sure you give the impression that someone is there by putting lights on timers, having a neighbor pick up your newspapers and mail. Call the police station and request a Vacation Watch.
  • Treat your garage door opener the same way you would treat the key to your home. Burglars can break into your car and use a garage door opener gain entry to your garage and also into your home.

Remember, “CLOSE IT, LOCK IT, LIGHT IT”. Close your garage door. Lock your car. Turn your outside lights on.

“Close it, Lock it, Light it” is our initiative to help our residents reduce the chances of becoming a victim by reducing the criminal’s opportunities.  

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