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Garage Sale Permits

Garage Sale Permit Applications are available at the Police Department. 

  • There is no charge for the first and second permit and a fee of $50 for the third permit. 
  • Residents are permitted to display two signs measuring no more than four square feet each are permitted at the address of the Garage Sale. 
  • Only two directional signs measuring no more than two square feet each will be permitted with written approval of the property owner where the signs are to be located. 
  • The signs cannot be displayed in the public right-of-way and cannot be displayed earlier than two days prior to the garage sale. 

If your garage sale should happen to get rained out, or some other circumstance happens to arise causing you to cancel your Garage Sale, please call the police station at (636) 227-1410 and ext. 102 and notify us of the cancellation. The permit can be re-issued for a new date.