Appreciation Days at the Pool

We appreciate everything you do! 

We want to show our appreciation by offering FREE entry to the pool to the wonderful workers and volunteers in our community. Thanks for all you do!

  • June 11 - Teacher Appreciation Day
  • June 18 - Senior Citizen Appreciation Day
  • June 25 - Small Business Owners Appreciation Day 
  • July 4 - Veterans & Veteran Families Appreciation Day
  • July 9 - Scouts Appreciation Day 
  • July 16 - Health Care Workers Appreciation Day 
  • July 23 - First Responders Appreciation Day 
  • Aug 6 - P.O.P.- Free entry to any Participant in Our Programs. If you are a registered participant in any of our programs for 2023, then you are invited! The participant and up to 4 family members can join us for a FREE day at the pool.)