What is annexation?

Annexation is an invitation. The City of Manchester is inviting the identified area of unincorporated St. Louis County adjacent to its borders to officially join the City of Manchester through the annexation. Annexation is a long process and involves the St. Louis County Boundary Commission, but ultimately the final decision is in the hands of the voters. 

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1. What is annexation?
2. Who votes on annexation?
3. When will a vote likely take place?
4. How will annexation impact my child’s school?
5. What services does the City of Manchester provide?
6. Who would respond if my family has an emergency?
7. My address says “Ballwin, MO.” How will annexation impact my mail delivery? Will my zip code change?
8. Who will be my elected officials?
9. What do you mean I’ll have more influence in my community?
10. How do I get more information about annexation?