Why are these changes happening?

To increase efficiency and keep waste service costs down, municipalities across the country are switching to an automated trash service. Automation reduces time required for waste pick up in a neighborhood and reduces labor costs.

Standardized bins ensure uniformity in waste collection and help in sorting different types of waste (recyclables, trash, compost) effectively. Improved sorting can enhance recycling rates and reduce contamination in waste streams, leading to a positive environmental impact.

Residents typically find automated collection more convenient due to the use of standardized bins and consistent pick-up schedules. The overarching goal is to streamline waste collection processes, improve efficiency, and promote better waste management practices.

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1. What is changing starting on February 5, 2024?
2. Why are these changes happening?
3. What is automated trash collection?
4. Why are these changes happening?
5. What will residents do with their current household waste carts that will be switched out for Republic’s automated carts?
6. What are the dimensions for all the trash carts?
7. What if I already have trash cans that look similar to the recycle bin and have noticed Republic Services automatically using their arm truck to empty my trash?
8. What if we have more garbage than the allotted container allows?
9. I have an "Allied Waste" trash cart that I use for recycling. Will I be able to continue using this for recycling?
10. I currently lease a trash cart for trash. Will I continue to pay for the lease?
11. How does the new system for household trash work?
12. Will the collection schedule change?
13. Will there be an additional cost or changes in billing?
14. Is there a hotline or support for questions or issues?
15. How should we handle bulky or large items for disposal?
16. By what date should all residents be using the automated carts?
17. If after February 5th a resident decides that the cart size they selected or defaulted to is not the size they actually need, what do they do?
18. Will there be different colors for trash and recycle? Or labels/stickers?
19. While household waste will be automated and be collected in either the 48-, 65-, or 95-gallon carts, are there changes to recycling and yard waste?
20. Republic Services currently offers “garage door” service for residents with medical conditions. Will there be any changes to that service?