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Business Email Registration Form

  1. Complete this form to be placed on the City's Business Email Registry. You may select enrollment on any or all of the email distribution lists. Here is an explanation of the purpose of each list.
    New Resident Welcome Promotions
    Businesses who enroll for this list will receive periodic notification to be part of information sent to new residents moving into the City of Manchester. This initiative is still in its initial planning phase, but will be used to inform residents about the City and our amenities. It will be launched some time in 2015. Your participation in this program may include items such as providing coupons or other notice to inform residents of your business. You will receive an email for this list no more than once per month.

    Questions From the City
    Periodically the City has questions for its business owners. Sign up for this list if you’d like the opportunity to provide your input to the City. These emails will be sent out as needed.

    City Events
    The City of Manchester manages a large number of events each year, including Homecoming, concerts, and many other activities. Businesses who enroll for this list will receive emails regarding these programs. These emails could contain any and all of the following: event logistics impacting the business community (street closings, high traffic in areas, etc.); requests for participation (volunteers, donations, printed coupons to provide to attendees, etc.); and general event information. These emails will be sent out as needed.

    Police Correspondence and Information
    This list will allow the Manchester Police Department to provide non-emergency correspondence to businesses, when necessary.

    Partnership Opportunities (with City or other Manchester businesses)
    There may be opportunities for your business and the City, or your business and other businesses, to work together on a project in the future. Join this email list if you would be interested in these partnerships. These emails will be sent out as needed.

    Community Assistance/Charity Opportunities (through the City only)
    From time to time the City becomes aware of a resident who may need a helping hand. In order to assist a resident in need, the City may reach out to its businesses for help. This could be a product or time donation in your area of expertise. You will not receive requests from any outside agencies. This is only to provide a network between those in our City who are capable and willing to help to those in our City who are in need of help. These emails will be sent out when these cases are found.
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